Friday, September 12, 2014

Window to the Soul Collection

Stila recently announced that they have a new logo and packaging, to be released with their fall collection. The new logo is three intertwined S's to go with the theme of smart, sexy and sophisticated. I was given a chance to try one of the eye-shadow palettes and fell in love with their blend of new colors.
    The one I selected was the from the new Window to the Soul collection, and of the 4 choices of colors, I went with the Body, which lists gives 12 colors based on gem stones such as Pink Diamond, Aquamarine and Midnight Quartz.

    The other collections are: Soul, which is a palette of 12 colors in matte, shimmer and various neutral shades. The Mind collection features 12 matte colors, and the Spirit is a”best of” collection featuring some of Stila's original shades over the past 20 years.
    Stila uses only the highest quality ingredients, making application smooth and worry free, with 10+ hour dependability. Each color blends nicely, and it is easy to add multiple layers to pull off more sophisticated looks. The vibrant colors stand out, contrasting nicely with themselves so one can pull off multiple looks without being repetitive or bland.
    When I wore this to work, all of the ladies asked me what I was wearing, so I passed the case around, and even they were impressed with the range of colors available and the quality of the eye-shadow. If you are interested in getting your own, these palettes are available at Sephora, Ulta,Nordstrom and at for $49.00.

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