Monday, September 15, 2014

The Everything CC Cream

Today I am reviewing The Everything CC Cream by .em Cosmetics, which is a tinted concealer that corrects mismatching skin tone while at the same time filling small imperfections.
When I tried it out, I was surprised at how light weight it is, and soon forgot that I was wearing anything at all. For me, most makeups feel like an extra layer has been added and I can feel added weight and my skin almost feels choked, but with the Everything Cream, I did not have this sensation.
I have tried it both by itself and with my normal makeup over the top, and I found that both work equally well, but prefer it alone as it does its job; a person does not need additional makeup as is sometimes the case with a foundation.
If you have an area of skin that you feel should better match the surrounding area, or have small wrinkles or scars and don't like the way concealers sometimes feel, then I would recommend .em's Everything CC Cream. You can find it at for $23.00.

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