Thursday, September 11, 2014

Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum *sponsered*

Today's review is on the Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum, which is a roll on gel that helps to eliminate the look of the “bags” we sometimes get under our eye, from either lack of sleep, stress or natural puffing. I tried it out and was able to see the results almost instantly. I was a bit surprised at how much the three roller balls massage the area while dispensing the formula. When it goes on, it almost feels cold, which for me is a sure sign that something is happening, some kind of reaction as the skin absorbs the product. The roller balls, combined with a blend of antioxidants, work together to improve blood flow and to increase drainage, reducing the build up of fluids as it is applied to the skin.
    In just minutes after putting it on, I noticed that the heavy bags under my eyes were not as noticeable, and when I pressed my finger gently into the area, it did not feel as puffy as it was before I applied it. After using it twice a day for a week, the puffing and lines around my eyes were no longer noticeable, and I found that I did not need the concealers I normally use.  I think this is a great product, and one that does exactly what it says it is going to do. If you are interested in trying it out yourself, look for it at Ulta cosmetics for $72.00

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