Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Acrylic kit VS Gel Brush on kit review.

So I have tried TONS of nail products in my day and this is by far the best nail Company! I have had the privilege of working with them in reviewing their products. As you have seen in my previous post and I more reviews to come on the many products that they offer and so far they have all exceeded my expectations. No I wasn't paid to say any of this and NO they didn't ask me too this my personal opinion and I am very happy to say it and share with you my thoughts. Now continuing on. I have been wearing Acrylics for YEARS and my tech had taught a long time ago how to my own nails so I have been off and on going to the salon to get them done or when I have no money for salon nails I have bought the kits at the drug store and in my opinion are just as good for an affordable price. Nailene was nice enough to send me both the acrylic kit and gel brush on kit to test out and do a comparison on both. First I'll give you the ins and outs of the Acrylic kit. This kit includes the following:

20 French tips
40 Natual tips
Acrylic clear powder 0.32 oz (9g)
Acrylic Liquid 0.50fl. oz
Ultra Quick nail glue
Ultra bond Primer
White buffing block
Professional 2 way file
Sculpting brush
Dappen dish
manicure Stick

You can get 3 Complete applications with this kit plus up to 6 fills. So far I'm only on my first set and have only done one refill in 3 or 4 weeks which personaly I think that is pretty amazing. Now I have on the french tips, I have always loved that look.  Here is what they look like I took this over 4th of july so you probably have seen this picture before in my other post showing off the Nail decals they have too :)

I believe this kit costs around $15.00 which isn't a bad price at all. Inconclution I have nothing bad to say about this kit. Its a great investment, they have everything you could every need,plus they last just as good as getting them done at the salon. I hightly recomment it!!
Now I will comepare this to the Ultra Quick Brush on Gel nail kit.
I did like this kit but not as much as I liked the other one! Here is what this Gel kit includes:

24 nautural tips
24 White tips
Brush cleaner
Brush on Gel overlay
Buffer and Manicure stick.

This Kit was so easy to do there was no smell and no mess. The nails were nice and shiny after you are done there is no buffer except for if you wanted them short which they come pretty short. To me it looked like I was putting on a top coat but only it filled the cracks. Which is great. No I know there has been many stories as to what is better Gel or Acrylic keep in mind this is only my personal opinon and my experience with the two kits. With this Gel kit the nails didn't last very  long. I do alot with my hands and have for kids so I need strong nails and it didn't provide that where as the acrylic kit did. I don't think Gel nails are as strong. I think with the the Gel kit you need to put alot on for them to be strong and there isn't much in the Brush on Gel overlay. Now if I was going to a wedding or something where I wanted a quick french manicure but i wanted it for a week maybe two weeks I would go for this kit. Its great for travel and there is no odor. I didn't have much bad to say about this kit except for the fact that they don't last as long or aren't as strong. Now I should tell you what I tried too. Just the other day I had to fill my nails and I had kids running around so all I did was used the Gel kit for my acrylic fills and they worked great there were nice and shiny I didn't even need a top coat if I was just gonna leave them unpainted but I did paint them. I hope that you found this post helpfull. Again I would highly recommend the Acrylic kit and I would recommend the Gel kit if you just want something quick and easy and you don't want to ware them for long. If you have any questions at all about the two please leave a comment below here is a link to their website as well www.nailene.com   so be sure to check out what all they have to offer:)