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ABIELIA A Book Review!

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So todays post isn't gonna be a like all the other post I have done. In fact its not gonna be about beauty at all. In stead this is gonna be a book review!  I have never been a huge book reader, but for some reason when I got my Kindle Fire a year ago things changed.  I have been reading like crazy it seems like. I have been reading books that are paranormal romance, thrillers etc... So when I came across this book called ABIELIA I was intrigued. This is a Buffy meets Hellboy type of book.

From the back cover:
"Abielia was born and raised in Heaven. She tried to be good, but could not always control herself. Now, cast out from Heaven, Abielia finds herself exiled to Earth to live life as a mortal, to try to earn her way back home. Aided by a human ally named Myra, she will pit herself against the forces trying to block her path, both from human and supernatural sources. Will she be strong enough to once again feel Heaven's grace or will she fall under the Dark Lord's influences?"

This is a really great read. He describes the scenes and what's going on so well without leaving you confused or bored. I loved his characters too. My favorite is Myra. She is spunky,sassy, she is the one friend everyone needs in their life. Then you have Tommy, Myra's brother. He is a hoot, he is your typical red blooded american male! Then you have the main character Abielia, let me tell you she is BADASS (pardon the naughty word). She is fearless in every sense of the word, well mannered and when she wants to a good since of humor. Here is my favorite part from the book..

"Abi got up the next morning, and headed to the kitchen, dragging the hamper of laundry behind her, thinking, as it was Saturday, that they would be going to the laundromat later. Myra was already up, and was cradling a cup of coffee near her lips, as if she was about to take a sip, but forgot what she was doing. Her eyes were puffy and red, and Abi knew she had been crying.
When she heard Abi coming, she looked over to her and said'
“Sit down hon. Have some coffee and a danish. The laundry will wait. I think we need to talk.”
With her most heartfelt, human sigh, Abi let the laundry basket fall, and sat down across from Myra.
“While you were in getting your MRI, Dr. Shelton and I had a conversation. He told me that you do not have amnesia, and that you are hiding something. I've been getting this impression my self. Now, I need to know the truth. I need to know who you are, and what you are hiding. You know I love you, but if you can't be honest with me, then I don't know how we are to continue. I can help you with a lot of problems. If you are running from the law, I need to know that. If you are running from a husband, I need to know that too. I am willing to help in anyway I can, but if you can't come forward and trust me, then I'm afraid we will have to say good bye.”
Abi sat, with genuine tears in her eyes, trying to decide what to do. Of course, she did not need Myra's support to survive, but she felt that she did need a friend.
“You are right. I owe you at least that much,” she said as she stood from the table. “I apologize for any hurt I might cause. If you decide to get rid of me, I will understand.”
Here, she let her true form come through, revealing herself completely to Myra's astonished eyes. She rose to her full height, her head brushing the ceiling of the apartment. The talons on her hands and on her feet formed, a steely gray, their metallic hardness evident, no longer hidden. Her leather, dragon like wings spread, touching each wall, but still she did not have enough room to stretch them to their full length. The clothes she was wearing fell in shreds at her feet, as she stood before Myra, hiding nothing.
“This is who I am. Am am an Angel cast out from Heaven. I have chosen to come here to better myself, and hopefully regain my place. I am sorry I had to lie to you, and I ask that you can find it within you to forgive me.”

I really liked this book, it's a great read and defiantly worth it. I laughed and I cried. There were some touching moments that I could really relate to. For me, the characters came alive. If you like fantasy stories, or even stories with a religious background, you should really check this out. 

This book is in three formats, 

Paperback $24.99
E-Book $3.99
Hardback $34.99

You can look for it at:

Amazon does not yet have the Ebook, but it can be purchased at:

Pages 455


This is a Print on Demand so it will take a few weeks for the book to arrive.

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