Monday, May 21, 2012

New Hard Candy Products Review,Photos & Swatches

Ok So I have always been a fan of Hard Candy. Not only because they are affordable but because I am such a sucker for cute packaging and that is exactly what they have even if I don't care much for a certain product I'm liking the packaging. I do know however that isn't what every one looks at when buying makeup. I know there is always a question of "well yeah its pretty and looks great an affordable BUT does it work?" Below are two new products and here are my photos and thoughts!

Take it off Make up Wips:

Prices vary depending on the store. You get 25 to a package. I was hoping for a bit more in these wipes as far as getting off waterproof or even glitter makeup. They don't do a bad job you just have to scrub a little harder, when it comes to waterproof or glitter. Other then that these wipes are great. Scent isn't over powering either and they are a pretty decent size. Depending on the type of make up on your face one wipe should get the job done.

GlowAway Bronzer +HightLight Duo ($6)

I was hoping for more in this product. I love 2 in 1 products because they are so quick an easy to use. There is a bronzer on side in the shade Bora Bora and a marbleized Highlighter on the other end.

 I thought the bronzer to be too warm and way to shimmer for my skin to use has a bronzer but I was playing around an found that it works great for a blush, More of a cream blush but it worked great for that.

The Highlighter is a light pearlized with pinks an purple coloring. It creates a get glow for your cheek bones. I'm not sure how this would work for any one with darker skin tone then mine it might not look that great more ashy then what it should look because its quit white. I do wish they made it in other shades because this of this.  Both of these products blend out great and look really pretty on the skin.

Over all I did like these products. Like a lot of drugstore products there are hits an misses. I recommend looking up reviews  for products you want to try so you aren't wasting your money on something you may not like. ( just my opinion)

What Hard Candy products have you tried and liked?


This post contains product(s) sent from the company or their PR team for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.


  1. I mostly love Hard Candy products! They are so inexpensive and usually have great pay off for the price (or even for any product!) That being said, I really didn't like the GlowAway bronzer/highlight. I found it sooo shimmery and not natural looking at all. I might have picked up a different shade though I'm not sure because yours looks really pretty in the photo! I'll have to try those wipes too! xx

    1. Oh yea I agree on the products and I did really like the wipes. Like you I did find the bronzer/highlighter duo to be to shimmery for my taste. If you get the wipes let me know what you think!!

  2. I'm a huge fan of bronzers! Been using the product it works on me. It has great effects and also affordable.

  3. Thats Great. Glad its working for you. Oh yes I love how affordable their products are :)

  4. I love the hard candy packaging as well, they are always so cute. I love the majority of the products they make as well. The only products i dont like is the stick blush, and i wish the foundation came in more shades.

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    1. Oh yea they do need more shades. Thanks for commenting.