Sunday, July 25, 2010

CoverGirl VS Revlon VS Maybelline Review!!

So I asked On twitter if I should right about this in a blog just to see if anyone would read it. I don't want or like to write about stuff people  aren't interested in reading. So of course like a lot of people when there is a new beauty product/s out there I want to try them too just to form my own opinion. CoverGirl I have loved this company since I first starting wearing make up when I was a teen and they are always coming out with good products that last, Well thats what I use to think I should say. First I'm gonna review the lipstains Now the first thing I noticed was it doesn't tell you what color you are choosing which made no since to me, How am I suppose to know what color to tell people to try? The one I have happens to be Cinnamon smile one, Which is a brownish color with some pink to it. I really did like this color and I really like how it went on and everything. HOWEVER they do not last within 5 to10  mins it was fading and  it was gone! Color of the tube IS NOT the color that you get, its  not too far off but I pick out a lip color based on what the packaging looks like because most of the time thats all you can base it on.  Here is a picture of what they look like, I think these are two new colors unfortunately I don't have a pictures of the color I do have. I would say go to there website to look up the color BUT.. I would not recommend this product to ANYONE. As far ratings got I give it and F.

Sorry CoverGirl but I think you failed on this one!!  

In this next section I'll talk about the Revlon Just bitten lipstain + lip blam.
Now the first thing I noticed about this one  is how much it looked like Covergirls the only thing is with the lip blam on the end its long. Now to me I thought the colors were more true to the packaging not much but more so then CG'S. One thing I did try after useing the other product was I made sure my lips were dry and cleaned and I think maybe that helped it stay on loner. I found that this last longer then CG. It for me lasted I would say about 2 hrs. And I also like that it was build-able if you want a darker color well by all means add more color. Now with the lip blam it added great shine and I believe that it help stay on longer. Now I know its a lipstain and its gonna be drying but this is a different formula then CG'S its more creamier. Now I do like the Lipstain and balm in one convenient, dual-ended package, does not smudge or streak it Contains vitamin C for for anti-oxidant protection,lightweight balm perfectly melts on lips for smooth, glide-on application Translucent balm provides instant moisture and soft shine. And I really like that it comes in  10 shades. I would recommend this one just make sure you wait about 30secs before applying anything else just to make sure its dry!.  I do rate this one a A+. 


Color Sensational Lip stain by Maybelline. So this lip stain isn't exactly like the other two but is similar too. Ok so again the first thing I noticed was that like the CG on you think you are getting the same color on the packaging yet your not, Its a darker then that which isn't all that bad but its not great either. The first one I picked up was In the buff think ok..its gonna be like a light pink not quick nude color but its more of a darker pink I still like its a pretty color just not what I expected. Same with Wink of pink it comes off more of a light mauve color. Bitten Berry is pretty close the packaging just a little darker but not much. The thing I noticed that all 3 of these colors had in common was the smell,Its a fruity berry smell, Which I will admit is nice. Now these did last me about 5 to 6 hrs which I thought was GREAT!! They aren't as flat looking as the other ones either, I mean there isn't is shimmer  but they are not as flat as the Revlon and CG ones. Its nice to pair it with a great lipstick then if your lipstick comes off you still have great color underneath. They don't look bad either if you want a darker color you can just apply some more and your good to go. Now I can't remember How much these all cost but I got most of them at Walmart and CVS, I think they ranged around $5 but don't quote me K?       OKAY So the taking pictures thing was a HUGE FAIL!! So as soon as I get my nice awesome camera back I can't post pictures but as soon as I do I will post some. I'M SOOOO SORRY!!!

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