Monday, July 12, 2010

Starry Sky review!

So I have always loved going to the nail salon. But I just never have the time Nor the money. So I turned to doing my nails at home. I use to use all type of nail products till I found Nailene. I at first figured ok I'm a mom of 4 and not only and I hard on my nails but so are my kids, so these are gonna be like all the only glue on nails I tried. BOY was I WRONG!! I freakin love this company ( an NO they didn't pay nor ask me to say that) I honestly love them, not are the products great but the people working their are too they are so eager to help you and are so very helpful too. I have had products send to me and I have also purchased alot of their products. When I first was in contact with this company they sent me a verity of products to try which I have done a review on some already, here is another one that was sent in that package as well. I LOVE this design!

And here is what they look like on my hands

I have been saving these cause they are so PURTY!! I didn't want to ware them but i'm so glad I have and they have lasted so far a week. Stay tuned for more Nailene. here is a coupon I hope you all can and will enjoy!!!

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