Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Nail art!!

So I follow MANY blogs and one of the blogs I follow is the company Nailene. I enjoy this company and all their products,I have had the great pleasure of reviewing their products before in the past and I am currently working on one now. Well a few days ago they were having a contest on their blog to give away their 4th of July Nail art. I just happen to be one of the winners!!!! They sent me 10 of these
I got them Yesterday which was Sat. And I couldn't wait to try them out. So on all my fingers except my pinkies i have the Harts and some silver decals that are from their Earth Angel nail art. Now on my pinkies I have the stars angels to repersent the follow heroes witht he little red and blue circles.

  I'm loving them so far. They are a fun way to be patriotic and dazzle up your nails:)

disclaimer: Yes they were sent to me but as a win from a give away They didn't ask me to do this blog I wanted to share what I got and how it looked.

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