Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Furlesse A Review!

Picture Courtsey of Furlesse.com
Hi Lovlies! So we all make facial gestures as we sleep and some times those can cause wrinkles an lines. Not a good thing. I have never taken much thought to lines an wrinkles an anti ageing because at 30 I don't have many but I do have some then I started thinking that its never to late to start.  I came across this company A mom of three young children who was concerned about furrows and lines deepening because of sleep habits came up with quite the ingenious invention – Furlesse. 

Picture Courtsey of Furlesse.com

Furlesse stickers are latex-free and hypoallergenic. They’re applied at night and keep you from making the gestures that lead to those pesky 11′s.  I have tried these stickers and think they’re a fantastic idea! As a 30-something mother of four who is noticing 11′s starting to creep up in the middle of my eyes, I want to do anything I can to stop them from progressing, I know I will never try anything that has to do with needles. That is not my idea of fun.  I didn't see a huge change  when I used them BUT mine aren't that noticeable either. For those who have them much deeper more intense then I do Furlesse is an easy and non-invasive way to help! Furlesse is definitely worth a try.

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