Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spray it on!!!

This is the last instalment of hair care must haves. Cibu Pho Finish Workable Finishing Spray goes with everything! An aerosol hair spray, Cibu Pho Finish Workable Finishing Spray provides medium hold and an extra dose of shine and also works as a heat styling aid to create flexible texture, protect hair from heat and control frizz. The best part about this product is it works great with ALL hair types. You can pick this baby up for 1.5 oz is $6 and a 10oz is $15 .

These products also go along way and you don't need much product to get GREAT resualts!      I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have enjoy telling you about here is their link as well go check them out:)

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  1. yes, i agree! i love pho finish-- works on updos, flat ironing- everything!