Thursday, August 28, 2014

.EM by Michelle Phan *Sponsored*

Today I am writing on Michelle Phan's .EM Life Palette, specifically the Day Life package. This is a neat little package sectioned off into four color groupings which includes the essentials for eyes, lips and cheeks. She has everything clearly labeled, and even gives some detailed instructions to recreate her unique looks.

Also included in the kit is a smaller, separate container designed so that the entire kit does not need to be transported in case someone needs to reapply or touch up an area. This system works fairly well for those of us who are constantly on the go and have only limited space in our purses! It is easy to pick the shades you want to wear, pop them out of the master kit and place them in the smaller holder to take with you.

The makeups she uses are of fairly high quality, giving easy application and all day dependability. The colors selected are subtle, letting a woman's natural beauty do the work instead of looking “made up.” This is a full kit, including with it the application brush, instructions, the larger palette, its smaller companion and a little tool used to pop out the individual color disks so that they may be swapped around. Everything is labeled as to its use, and size is coordinated, making it extremely user friendly. In fact, it is so user friendly that it seems to have been designed with the younger user in mind. I personally would have no problem giving this palette to a young woman just starting to learn to apply her own makeup, and would feel confident that she would be able to follow the instructions and be able to create her own look in just a short time.

I think the life palette is an excellent idea and a product that would have been nice to have available to me when I was starting out all those years ago. If there is a little girl in your life who is ready to venture out on her own into the sometimes overwhelming world of cosmetics, I would recommend getting The Life Palette for her. She will be happy that she can learn to apply her own makeup fairly easily, and you will be pleased that she wont look trashy doing it!
Price: $49.00


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