Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sephora+Disney Jasmin Collection *Swatches and Review*

I'm so excited to review and share this collection with you guys! First I'll just start off with my review of it. I love all the different tones that this collection has, all the bright colors and the neutral ones too! The colors are very pigmented,soft,and easy to blend.

Make your own magic with Disney’s Jasmine Collection by Sephora. Each product has been created with the modern Princess in mind. Discover eyeshadow palettes with exotic shades, an intoxicating fragrant elixir, and an eyeliner set that will give you the sultry gaze of a Princess. With rich colors and dramatic detailing, each piece is as collectible and covetable as a palace gem.

Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol 2. ($55.00) (Limited Edition)

Adorn yourself with this fantastical collection of fairy tale-inspired formulas for eyes and cheeks. From Jasmine’s tiara and Rajah’s fur, to sunsets, desert sands, and a vibrant magiccarpet, each shade has been matched to the film’s original animation. The storybook encasing is decorated with shimmering details and inside a satin tray holds the silky formulas glamorously fit for a Princess.
  • Eyeshadows Blue Oasis, Trust Me, Abu, Ali Ababwa, Sultana, Friend Like Me, Master, Cosmic, Cave of Wonders, Sand in the Glass, Lapis, Mystical Wonder, Rajah, Arabian Sunset, Bazaar
  • Blush Thrilling Chase
  • Bronzer Golden Sands

Don't mind the dirty nails its from the product! :) 

Three Wishes Eyeliner Set ($42.00) (Limited Edition)

Flash stunning, seductive eyes with these eyeliners inspired by Jasmine’s always-alluring look. Experiment with the versatile formulas, using the liquid liner for increased drama, the gel-cream liner for ultimate precision, and the chunky, black pencil for an intense, smoky eye.

I personally liked the pencil liner the best. The gel didn't seem to want to work with me, I couldn't  get it to go on very well, I had to use a few coats just to get it to look good. The liquid eye liner is long lasting and dry with in seconds, but is also really hard to remove so make sure you use and oil eye remover for this one. I think the price is to high for only one too eye liner and two ok ones. Check out photos and swatches below 

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