Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance Collection For Women essie Set

A modern woman’s style is showcased daily through her fashion and beauty choices, expressing her emotions and the many facets of her personality.  Now every woman has a way to wear her personality from her signature scent to her perfectly manicured nails. Essie Weingarten has designed an exclusive collection for Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony Fragrance Collection For Women in trendy, vibrant colors to complement the Big Pony fragrances and personalities – sporty, sensual, free-spirited and stylish.  The four new Big Pony Fragrance Collection essie Sets include a Big Pony fragrance and Big Pony polish designed by Essie Weingarten.  

This offering is a first-time collaboration for American brands Ralph Lauren and essie, bringing together leaders in luxury for a fashionable beauty experience.  The Big Pony Fragrance Collection For Women essie Set is available in four scents and Big Pony colors, complete with a Big Pony eau de toilette (30mL) and matching Big Pony essie nail polish, beautifully packaged in a drawstring bag.  
Each color-coordinated Big Pony Fragrance Collection For Women essie Set offers a chic array of fragrances and polishes to reflect a woman’s Big Pony personality, including:

RALPH LAUREN BLUE #1 FRAGRANCE + #1 BLUE ESSIE POLISH – The sporty combination for the woman who is confident, fearless and a natural born leader.  She’s paves the way with a floral citrus scent and a bold blue hue.

 RALPH LAUREN PINK #2 FRAGRANCE + #2 PINK ESSIE POLISH – The sensual feel for the irresistible flirt.  She wears this fruity fragrance and feminine pink lacquer because she’s a romantic at heart.

RALPH LAUREN YELLOW #3 + #3 YELLOW ESSIE POLISH – The free-spirited set for the eccentric, rebellious and independent woman.  She loves the thrill of discovering this floral scent and standout polish.

 RALPH LAUREN PURPLE #4 + #4 PURPLE ESSIE POLISH – The stylish match for the daring and dynamic woman.  Her unique personality is reflected in this oriental fruity fragrance and fashionable nail color.

The Big Pony Fragrance Collection for Women essie Set will be available April – August 2013 on and select retailers nationwide. In select markets at Macy’s and Belk, women can receive a special manicure by in-store nail specialists in these new Big Pony colors.


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