Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revlon's Lip Butter ---A Review

Hi Beauties.
 I know I am little late on the new Revlon lip butter trend, but better late then never right? I only picked up two of them because my walmart didn't have many so I just got what I like and what I thought would look good on me. So here are my pictures,swatches an thoughts!

(Left) Sweet Tart (Right)  Cotton Candy

You can get these are most drugstores for about $7US. This one is called Sweet Tart. Right away I can tell you that I LOVE this color its great on my skin tone and a prefect color for me for spring/summer. I'm always looking for more ways to add COLOR into my make up stash an this is definitely one.

Sweet Tart is a bright springy pink color. Its one of those colors that can be warn with anything an on anyone

Each lip butter provides a sheer to medium coverage color with a nice glossy sheen to them. They go on smoothly and feel comfortable and hydrating. They really have next to no staying power though which was really disappointing. Be careful though because light colors enhance chapped and flaky lips. The color transfers right off at the slightest touch whether its on clothes,glasses etc.. They do have a slight scent of vanilla.

Cotton Candy...This is a pretty sheer pink. I mostly where this on day when I want just a natural look. Again staying power isn't good. But if you can get of there that these are great products for your money.

The packaging is great too. I really like  faux-quilted pattern on the tube covers, it looks elegant and adds a little bit of design without being too much. I also really like how the tops of them are clear, so you can see through to the lip butter from above. Also the color of the outside tube is the same color as the product its self, which is great.  Over all I really like these and would love to get more.

Have you tried these? If so tell me in the comments your thoughts.


  1. i love them! red velvet is so pretty

    1. Thats Great I'll have to check that one out. I'm not one for red lipstick but that sounds so pretty!!