Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh where to start....well I went to target a while ago and purchased some Boots products and came acrossBoots No 7 new mascara and I am a mascara junkie so I'll try any new one that is out there. So when I got home I wanted to try this right away, Now first of all the tube is HUGE which isn't good or bad. Well here is a picture of it>>>>. The brush shape, features a combination of bristles with unique squared shaped discs that are designed to reach the very base of lashes, separating and lifting each one for volume and curl, its also suppose give 8hrs of curl. This is NOT  the case all it did for me was clump it was hard for it to go on and then after that is clumps,clumps oh and did I say CLUMPS... Now this is just my opinion but I didn't like this at all as you can tell it did nothing for my lashes. I would not and will not recommend this product! If you have it and like or don't like it pls leave a comment telling me why I would love to hear it:) Thanks for reading:)


  1. yeh my sister bought this ages ago an said the same thing that it was really clumpy, n my mum tried it n she didnt like it because the brush reminded her of a toilet brush!! LOL at the moment my favourite mascara is prob i found a new mascara that is new that i want to try maybe u mite like it its called Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Mascara x Tara

  2. Oh I'm glad i'm not the only one :) I'll have to check that one out avon had a new one that I LOVE i don't own it yet but my sister sells avon and let my try hers and now i want it lol I have the rimmel sexy curves and all the last blast ones i like. Thanks for Commenting Tara:)