Friday, June 3, 2016

My styling go-to~CIBU!!!

Hi Everyone!

 So in today's blog post I am gonna talk about some hair styling products that I have been obsessing about. I'm excited to tell you about them and hope you'll be as excited to try them as I was. I don't always talk about hair products on my blog, but I had to change it up a little and let you all in on this great hair care company.  Cibu is the name and I have reviewed their products in the past, They have recently changed all the packaging and are consonantly adding new products to their line which gives them an ever changing line up of great products.

I have 7 products that I am going to talk about today and I love each and every one of them because they simply work. Most of the time, I do not like styling products because I don't like how heavy or sticky my hair felt later in the day. All of these products I will be talking leave very little build up and what little there is, it is not hard to get out of your hair like other products on the market. I will also apologize for this being such a long post but I want to make sure that I tell you about each and every one of these products.

Here is a picture of the products I will be talking about from Left to Right.

Drynamic ( blow dry accelerator)$22.00

I'm starting right off the bat with a great product. I LOVE this little bottle and what is in it! I love the packaging, but I did notice on their website they list a different container from what you see in the picture, but like I said, they are always updating and changing their look. The Drynamic on the website is now packaged similar to the second product in the above picture. Anyways this is an amazing spray, right down to the smell. Drynamic cuts down your hair drying by half which means less damage from the heat. I myself have shoulder-length hair but, it's thick and usually takes me about 20-25 minutes to dry if I'm trying to get it to lay nice, other wise it take me about 15 minutes to dry my hair. When I use Drynamic, the drying time averages about 10 minutes. I also don't have to use a thermal protectant because the Drynamic also helps with frizz and resists humidity. I have not found anything on the market quite like this! This is my number one go-to product, and I swear by it and so recommend it to everyone.

Knot so Knotty (anti-breakage de-tangler)  $18.00

This is another great product that doubles for other uses. It's great for thick hair that gets tangles easily. I also played around with some wigs and extensions I have to see how it worked on those and it works amazingly well on these as well. Not only can you use this after a shower or bath, but you can also use it whenever you decide to style your hair.
description from their website:
  • Formerly Miso Knotty Leave-In Detangler
  • Lightweight leave in detangler ideal for all hair types. Fine hair can use as conditioner. Excellent for kids' post bath-time comb outs
  • Hydrolyzed keratin strengthens hair
  • Hydrolyzed silk and soy proteins retain moisture, add shine and slip
  • Vitamin B5 stimulates and soothes the hair cuticle
  • Rhatany root extract helps protect hair color and chemical processes from UV rays
Votes best leave-in detangler for thick, straight hair by Harpers Bazaar!!!

Finista Flexable Finishing spray $20.00

 Before this product came out there was Pho Finish which I loved and was sad to see it go. Then along came Finista. I don't care much for hair sprays of any kind because of how they leave your hair. with that sticky, stiff feeling with all that build up. But this is a dream if you love styling your hair everyday. Yes its a medium hold spray, but the trick is to use it before you curl, straighten or use anything else to style your hair. and then use it again when you are all done.  For me this product lasted for 8 hrs plus. I have even used it on my 13 yr old daughter to help manage her curly hair. 
It is described as;
  • Flexible, medium hold hair spray
  • Humidity resistant
  • Paraben-free
  • Perfect for heat styling and up-dos
  • Layer for hold
  • Argan oil and coconut oil add shine

High Top Toot Booster $20.00
This product adds great volume to your hair, If you have thin or fine hair, this should be included in your styling routine.  
 My hair is fairly thick and has some volume, so I do not use the booster much, I did use it when I had shorter hair and it worked great for short hair to add a bit of depth and thickness. 
The directions say:
  • Spray around perimeter of scalp and massage into wet or dry hair. Add heat for increased volume
  • Medium - firm hold
  • Ideal for styling short, textured cuts and bobs. Use with Shang High Mousse to add all around volume to medium - long hair
  • White and Green Tea extracts help prevent color fading
  • Ginseng Root invigorates hair and adds volume
  • Formerly Shang High Root Booster, same formula, updated name and packaging

Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer $18.00
This mousse doesn't leave your hair sticky or crunchy and also smells amazing. It is very workable and holds curls like a dream. I have to use about 2-2 1/2 pumps because my hair is thick, but it holds any style that I am doing just fine for all day. I pair this with the Finista and get great results each and every time!  
Use this lightweight, medium hold, non-aerosol mousse to add touchable, soft volume to fine hair and to set curls. 
I did forget to picture Shang High Volumizing mousse which is a lot like this mousse, It $20 but also has more hold than this mousse if you are looking for that extra hold. 

Sashini Thermal Shine Solution $22.00
 Oh my! This is another favorite product of mine,  hands-down. For me, it was love at first smell!! (haha.) For anyone out there that has dry, coarse, thick hair, or even damaged hair, this product will bring your hair back to life. It has great shine and works amazing for that great blow-out look. I use this every time I blow dry or straighten my hair. It's pricey, yes, but it is worth every penny and one bottle will last for months. Did I mention the smell?  It is great, and I love it! This is another instance of the product I am showing varying from what they currently list on their site. 

 If you haven't checked out Cibu, I definitely recommend that you do.  If you have discovered this brand, let me know what you think in the comments below! 
For some, these may be pricey products BUT you have to remember that they are salon quality and can be purchased at Salon Cielo, Bubbles Hair Salons, and select Hair Cuttery locations, and of course can be found online as well.  

*Some products were sent for review consideration and others were purchased by me. All opinions are my own!!


  1. Love this, thank you Darci. Cibu loves you - you've been a great friend to our brand for a long time. xoxo cibu jenn

    1. You are very welcome!! Cibu is a great company and brand!!