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The Art of Shaving by New York & Remington Head to Toe Grooming Kit~ REVIEW

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  Today I have a special guest on my blog. My husband!! He had the opportunity to review some products for Fathers day. Below is a great Fathers Day gift guide!!

I was recently asked to review two products as Father's Day gift ideas; the Remington Head to Toe Grooming Kit and the other a four-piece lotion and brush set called The Art of Shaving by New York, boasting the four elements needed for a perfect shave.

At this time my beard was a few days old, so I started with the element set, relying on my old standby razor to cut through the wild growth. A few drops of the Pre-Shave Gel massaged onto my face left my stubble feeling slick, which is not unusual as this gel is an oil, said according to the label on the bottle “softens the beard and prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave,” while also promoting razor glide. This applies smoothly, with no medicated tingle and seemed to raise the whiskers. It is labeled as unscented, but this does not mean it is absent smell; it has a citrus, lemon like smell, in no way overpowering and rather pleasant.
I left this to work while I prepared the shaving cream. For some reason, I felt compelled to dig up an old tin bowl to lather up the shaving cream in, feeling I suppose rather nostalgic for the old days, where the barber mixes up his lather to apply with a brush, which brings us to the next item in this kit.
With the lather as foamy as I could get it, I set to work rubbing it on with the included brush, made I might add, from genuine badger. Now, I have to ask, who is this brave (or foolish) person who goes out into the wilderness and coaxes this vicious little ferocity into giving up his fur so that I can shave with it? For some reason, I expected the bristles to be coarse, but they are surprisingly soft and allowed me to apply the cream, from my tin cup, smoothly onto my face, in an even layer, although not as thick as what I am used to, and I was expecting to feel razor burn from what I felt was a rather
 shallow layer. Again I was surprised at the out come. I did not feel the drag or scraping that I normally do if I have not used enough of the foam type aerosol products.
After the shave I applied the after-shave gel, which went on nicely, absent the alcohol burn that I normally have from other products I have used, I think due to the pre-shave oil and the cream itself offering a smooth razor motion which did not leave the nicks I always seem to manage.
Over all, I feel this is a unique set, perfect for the gentleman in your life who does not see shaving as a chore (as I do) but as an opportunity to relax and escape from the daily distractions, even for a few moments.

Pre-shave Oil
Shaving Cream
Shaving Brush
After Shave Balm

The Art of Shaving is available at Ulta stores for $60

The second thing that I tried out was the Remington Head to Toe Grooming Kit, pictured below on its attachment holder.


This was rather involved, as I wanted to test as many of the attachments that I could, so I apologize if this seems long. Naturally it took several days to review as I had to wait for things to grow a bit to put it through the paces. 

Starting at the left we have the 8 length hair clipper and the full-size trimmer, then 3 beard and stubble combs. Below this is the nose/ear trimmer, the foil shaver, the body hair trimmer and the base unit itself.

The only way I can describe the base unit itself is that it has a rotary tool type look to it, which matches due to the different cutting heads. It is powered by lithium batteries, with a quick-charge time of 5 minutes, and a full charge in 4 hours. The blades are surgical steel, which should last well past the lifetime of the unit itself. One handy feature is that all of the attachments come clean by just running them under the tap. These attachments remove by a ¼ counter clockwise turn and snap in with a secure feeling lock. An offset pin on the rotating crank transfers the rotary motion of the motor into reciprocating to work the cutting blades.
If your bathroom is anything like mine, then I am sure you will feel my pain. I have no place to put the stand, our counters are flooded with hair-dryers, crimpers, straighteners, flatteners and a whole host of strangely hued powders applied with a gaggle of specialized brushes. The first thing I had to do before even using this was to shove all of my wife's things neatly to the floor and re-claim a small portion of counter space.
The shaver is marketed as a Head to Toe kit, and while I did not do the complete head to to thing, I can see the potential. Where there is hair, this will help to eliminate it.
My grooming adventure started with the nose and ear trimmer, which did exactly what it was supposed to, and I even managed to do it with none of the ripping or gouging that I have endured in the past.   
            Honestly, I was not overly impressed with the body hair trimmer. There are 3 settings for adjustable length/depth cutters, depending on which slot you attach the comb/guard to. I used it on my chest on the closest setting and did not notice that it cut much, although it did comb it so that it was not as “rough” looking. I had to switch over to the trimmer without the guards to take care of the strays that seem inclined to peak up over my collar.
I used the trimmer, again with no guard, to even up hair at the back of my neck. I just had my hair cut, so there was no real reason to try the 8 depth cutter, but did play with it. The plastic guard slides over the trimmer and is adjustable to 8 lengths. The only thing annoying about this, and this is just me, was that you have to pay attention to where it is, other wise the depth adjuster goes shooting across the bathroom. There is no stop at the end, which I suppose if there were, the trimmer could not be used by itself.
             I waited a day for the stubble to sprout and then tried the foil attachment. It worked as I would expect, but seemed rather small in width to do a full face.
Over all, I liked some of the features on this, but it seems also to be too much. For example, the 3 beard combs could have been eliminated, favoring the 8 length clipper. To me, it seemed too small to really be used everyday, but for the man in a hurry, or trying to straighten up a bit of unruly hair, it is perfect. I would recommend the Remington Head to Toe Grooming Kit to anyone who is always on the move and who likes to look “fresh” between meetings. This would fit nicely in a glovebox or briefcase, always ready to pick up the spots that might be missed.

The Remington Head to Toe Grooming Kit is available at Ulta for $34.99

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