Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Meet Blusho

 Hey everyone,

I just received a press release for a new social media page that you might find interesting. The company is called Blusho, and what it sounds like is a pinterest type page that will allow beauty professionals and the general public to view and share makeup looks with a listing of the products they used! Users can also upload their own look to share with others.

Every image will have a title and a description of the look, listing the products that they used and the techniques employed to pull it off. You can search for the look you want, or by the product name they used.

It looks like a neat idea, and I for one am excited to try it out! If you are as well, check them out at:

www.blusho.com (beta site)
Instagram: @blusho
Facebook: blushobeauty
Twitter: @blushobeauty
Pinterest: blushobeauty
Tumblr: blushoblog
Blusho app available on Android with iOs coming 2016

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