Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Parnevu Hair care


Hi lovely readers!!

 To day I have a guest post for you by my sister Wendy!

I was asked by my sister to review some products for her blog, I was so happy to do so. The products are from Parnevu Hair care which at the time knew nothing about. My hair is dry and semi course, wavy and thick (very thick). So I am always up for new products. The products I received were, the Tea Tree shampoo, the After Shampoo Conditioner and the Hair Mayonnaise.

T-Tree Shampoo, first impression were…WOW this smells soo good, not the typical tea tree medicine smell but a nice fresh, earthy, aroma. When I first stared using this as daily shampoo, it was like most others when I switch products… a nice change, but by weeks end it left my hair flat, heavy and a bit oily to be honest…this was not my favorite of the bunch.

After Shampoo Conditioner, Ok I’ll come right out and say it…..I LOVED IT 100%, the aroma was so nice and fresh, floral, and well just plain lovely! It worked wonders on my hair, it was soft and silky and very light it gave me so nice body that was unexpected. While I used this product I had the best hair month in half! In fact I had to stop using it….why? I did not want to use it all I still have a little bit left, I only use it when I am going somewhere when I want my hair to look , feel and smell, it best! LOVED this conditioner so much that if I can I will by a case at some point!

Hair Mayonnaise, Once again fist impression were HELLO the aroma of this deep treatment conditioner were FAB-YO-LUS!! To be honest it is like the aroma of carrot cake!! I loved this the first couple of times I tried it. However after a while it made my hair heavy, limp, and flat. I thought, “ok maybe I am using to much for the length of the hair ( at the time it was very, very short) so I back off the amount I had been using by half. Still to no avail the out come was the same, sooo I backed of even more…nope still nothing, still the same heavy limp, flat hair. I still have quite a bit of this left, I love the smell sooo much that I am still not quite ready to give up just yet…..

Although 2 out of the  3 products did not work perfectly for me, they may be right for you! For more information about these and other products from PARNEVU, visit their website, and connect with them on Facebook ( and Twitter (”

*Products were sent for reviewing purposes*

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