Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The" Eve Pearl Method' CONTEST

Hey Beauties
 I thought I would share another contest with you guys. Its from Eve Pearl below is all the info. This is from Eve Peals Youtube page!

The "Eve Pearl Method" Contest

To Enter: Please send your "Eve Pearl Method' Application Video as a 'Response Video' to this page. 

-Sending a response video is quite simple.
Go to box where you would go to leave a comment, once you click into the comment box- on the bottom right pops up, 'Create a video response' or Post .. Click on 'Create a video response'. Then, on the upper left of the new page, gives you an option to 'Choose a video' or "Upload a video" -- click "Upload A Video". You will then see a blue button that says "Start" .. click it. You will then be prompted to upload an existing pre-recorded video from your computer or Record one live and upload it !

Rules: To participate in the Eve Pearl Method Contest:
a. You must be an Eve Pearl YouTube Channel Subscriber
b. The method of makeup application you use must be the 'Eve Pearl' Method - if unsure what steps are within the Eve Pearl Method of makeup application please check our full makeover videos, old and new located on our YouTube channel.
c. Time limit per complete application is 18 minutes -- do not rush, it is plenty of time.


1st place - $350
2nd place - $250
3rd place - $150

(Offer valid and redeemable only in EVE PEARL merchandise. Prizes cannot be redeemed for Cash..)

Runners Up - will receive 40% off in Eve Pearl Products. That means everybody who competed (with an accepted video), will be entitled to one purchase at 40% off regular priced EVE PEARL items. (details will be sent on ordering)

Winners' Prizes will be in a virtual credit form to be redeemed in store or online for regular priced EVE PEARL products. Total $$ amount will also go towards the shipping costs.

Video Rules -- please start each video with a Before and After. Before (without makeup) After (with makeup- please no retouching) . Please introduce yourself and start your application. Remember to walk us through your steps.

In video details and info please include:

-The Blogger/Vlogger (if applicable) that sent you to our channel
-Your name
-How you prefer to be reached
-And anything else you would like to add 

Please note: 
If you were informed about this contest from a blogger or vlogger please put their name in the 'Video Info' section of your video. Make sure it is within the first line of details info.

Winners will be chosen by Eve and The EVE PEARL Team,
We will be looking for process of application. Ability to narrate (when necessary), the steps you are doing, and of course, end result.


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