Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Detrivore Cosmetics

Hi Beauties, this is another post a long time coming. I want to apologize to the company for not getting this post up sooner! I did have it done a while ago but apparently it got deleted some how.   I love trying out new makeup but I love trying out eye shadows even more because there is endless possibilities with them. The colors I am reviewing today are..


  This is Trilobite its a satin, light ochre/beige eyeshadow with light brown and gold shimmer. Very sheer. goes on very nice.

Meet Parasite she is a bright green satin with a ton of shimmer. I loved this one because you can intensive it or just leave a nice soft green.

Here we have Carrion, its light gray with a silver shine. Contains a ton of blue shimmer. This one is great because at time it looks almost purple!

Last but certain not least we have Prey which is a dark brown satin shadow loaded with copper and gold shimmer.

All of these shadows are so easy to blend and play with. Plus they won't break the bank either they are all $4.00!!

Now the last product I'm gonna talk about is one that every person needs as a stable to their makeup which is a Primer. There are MANY good ones out there an I feel that this is another an again wallet friendly!

This is the Primer in Original, they also have black an white. Their primers are a wax based primer designed to help adhere loose eye shadows. Just a tiny amount can help keep your shadow on all day. All they are not water proof they are some what water resistant. With this type of primer you do have to work with it a little bit to get effectiveness out of it. An again a little bit goes a LONG way!! You get One five gram for $5.00

PR Sample

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