Thursday, January 19, 2012

Furless Brush Set Review *Sponsored*

Hey lovelies, A while back right before we moved I was giving the chance to do a review for .  They Sent me the Mini bamboo brush set

picture from furless's website.

I fell in love with this set the minute I opened it I loved the look the case it came in. It too me a while to actually test it out, but once I did I haven't stoped using it. Like I said it comes in this ever so cute case, that has a little zippered area to hold your makeup and other goodie. Its great for traveling.

picture from furless's website

Its a perfect fit in your purse/bag as well. It contains  a powder brush a blush brush 2 eyeshadow brushes a crease brush and lash/brow groomer! There are endless possibilities with these brushes and gives you a flawless finishes as well!

*This brush set was sent to me from the company. All opinions are my own. No money was exchanged.


  1. Interesting. I've never heard of this company before. Where are they based out of? How much is that brush set? How did you find the feel of it on your face? What about shedding? Sorry so many questions!

  2. Oh you are fine I should have included those in the post which i'll do but they are based out of Australia! This brush set is $24.49. they feel amazing on your face no scratching feeling like some brushes they are just so soft:D