Friday, April 15, 2011

The wonderful StevieMarie!!!

Hey Ladies! So as you may have notice I have a new blog design that I LOVE!! I'm sure some of you may know from me whining and complaining on twitter that I was try to design a new layout and stuff but wasn't having any success so I was looking for some one to help me. Well I had talked to two people but after months nothing happen so I stopped and just left it as it was. Well just the other day I started whining again :) and the sweetest person on YT tweeted me saying that she would do it for me for me at not COST!! I thought that was so awesome and its none other then StevieMarie89 on twitter an  aka Beautifulbutterfly89 on youtube. She is just getting into the business of doing designs So the least I could do for her was make a blog post so you all can check her out!  Here are her prices below:

*Banners are between $10 & $15
*Backgrounds and Banners are $25
You can contact her here

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