Monday, September 27, 2010

Beauty products that would work for EVERYONE!!

In this post I will be giving you some great tips on colors of make up that work for any person/s and skin tones. The picture above is a great example of colors that work for any skin tone. You want to use shades that possess neutral undertones and creamy textures for easy blending.
    You can use purple and gold eye shadows this one I got off the Loreal website they have one called Ignited. The purple color is soft and build-able but its not too cool or too warm either. Put the gold color on the inner corner to brighten up the eye.

Lip liners there are MANY awesome colors for the lips this one is from sephor and is $18 its a pinkish brown which is great on the lips for fair,medium and dark skin  tones and it a nice fall color too. Keep in mind you don't not have to use high end or high priced products to achieve any great look.

Sheer pink lip gloss is a great color on any lip that won't look like to over done.

Everyone needs a great eyeliner no matter the skin tone and this one one from is perfect. Its their smooth mineral in the color Earth, its a deep brown that register on dark skin tone but it won't overwhwelm light or ivory skin tones either. 

There are all kinds of different colors of pinks out there, but what I like most of cream blushes and the pinks, is the the cream blushes you can use little products for just a tint or you can pack it on for more vibrancy. The picture above is from Max Factor. its not too pink and its not too red either.    I hope you enjoyed this post.     

Have a great Day/Week!!


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