Monday, December 31, 2012

Mally Beauty Review for the Face

Anytime I get the opportunity to review for Mally beauty, I take it! Her products are great for my skin, they aren't greasy at all. Her primers reduces fine lines and even help fill in my pores and acne scars that I have.  I have a few products that I am gonna show and talk about. If you get the chance to try them I hope you will like them as much as me!

The Product

Perfect prep poreless pimer, This is a great canvas for your face. It smooths out all those little imperfection one might have. Its not greasy at all by any means. With four kids I am always on the go and this primer keeps my makeup look great all day with little to no touch ups.

$26.25 for 1fl oz

Great product, Have recommended this many times! This is a great staple to have in your make up collection.


Perfect Prep Poreless Illuminating Primer. A subtle, long lasting glow. This has the same benefits and features as the regular primer with just a little bit of a glow added to it.  I like to use this in the summer to so I have that added to my make up. It helps hydrate and lock moisture in

Price $35

I loved this product mainly just because of the different glow that it adds. I don't have much more to say that is different from what I said with the other primer.

  Cancellation Conditioning Concealer. Its a waterproof formula that goes on light weight and has great coverage. As I have said before with the acne that I have and scars from that this is a great concealer for me. It covers exactly where I need it too. It doesn't give a greasy or caked on feel to it either .It conditions and hydrates your skin. You get a lot of product packed in a tiny tube and a little goes along way!

Price $35.00

 Great conditioning concealer. Gives off just the right coverage, doesn't peel or flake or look caked on. I have worn this with foundation and with out works great both ways!

Products provided by PR for consideration. All opinions are my own!

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