Friday, April 1, 2011

Sigma's New Make up Line -Sneak Peak!

It was announced on twitter last night that Simone Sigma the founder of Sigma has reported that Sigma will be launching a new makeup line in 6-8 weeks. The new line includes three different palettes: Flare, Dare, and Bare. Each palette also includes it's own dual ended brush! She has been working on this for Months now.

  • Flare includes a bright range of colors for those who are not afraid of color. Flare comes with the Sigma E55 and E40.
  • Dare is a palette with colors that range from tans, to golds, to deep copper reds. Dare comes with the Sigma E20 and E45.
  • Bare is a soft neutral palette that ranges in colors from traditional neutrals to deep sparkly black shades!  Bare comes with the Sigma E30 and E25!
The cost of each palette will be $35 which is a steal since each dual ended brush usually retails for $18 alone!  I was so excited when I saw this that I wanted to share:D

E55 and E40,E20 and E45, E30 and E25 


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