Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WOW Cibu WOW!!!

Alright guys so I have been Slacking with making videos and my blog. I promise i'll be better. I have heard great things about Cibu International and they were kind enough to send me a few things the first thing they sent was, the HI-YA! Reconstructive Conditioner.

It doesn't just kick it to dry, damaged hair, it helps rebuild injured cuticles. Apply in shower after shampooing and leave in for 5 - 12 minutes depending on hair type and damage level. Its Best for coarse, chronically moisture-deprived hair types; chemically treated hair; damaged hair; any hair type as a weekly or monthly treatment. I use it about Once a week.  You can Pair it with any Cibu Shampoo which is great too.

Extracts of lotus flower and water lily soothe and condition; bamboo extract aids in strengthening hair and moisture retention. Hydrolyzed silk retains moisture, adds shine, controls frizz and provides ease of combing. Vitamin B5, sorbitol and glycerin moisturize, soften and add body and shine. Almond glyceride functions as emollient and soothes hair. 

 You can buy a 2 oz for $6 OR
you can buy the 6 oz for $16.

Let me tell you it may be pricey but it is SO worth it. It has done great things for my hair, I am so in love :)  Check out my next 3 post for more Cibu product reviews:) Here is there Site Check em out!!


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